The Troll OC endeavors. This blog consists of 5 main trolls. 1.)Sephone Merxes
2.)Lucida Treble
3.)Sirene Lerna
4.)Fenrir Fractai
5.) Allana Agidyn
we post things that we do as a group as related to homestuck. our story will begin soon.

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After that c/eaning of a// of the cha/k drawings outside on sunday, Ms. Paint brought a /ong ro// of paper for everyone to draw on. I didn’t get a// of the pictures because I took them right before they were going to ro// it up because the convention was ending, but i got an  okay amount. There were a /OT more dood/es than the pictures of the ones i took!

so//ux in the shower wondering what he’s doing with his /ife, drawn by sephone. the /ittle grubs, dirk and bro are coo/ too! i’m pretty sure Dirk is saying “oh Jake ohh”

grub so//ux and tavros and his imaginary friend RUFIOOOO! artist unknown…

moira/s gamzee and karkat! /ineart by artist unknown, coloring by Fenrir.

Tavris. artist unknown.

I did trickster john because the paper ro// /acked candy

eridan! art by sephone. oh /ook someone put a jewe/ on his head! it fits.

drawn by one of the kids who were on/y ab/e to attend the con on sunday, it’s Kars/ug! I hope they’re ab/e to come next year! yes, it’s a disguised jade on the left. artist unknown for that one…

s-sephone…you know how fond I am of karkat…excuse me whi/e i go hug sephone for drawing this.

"I CAN’T DO ANYTHING RIGHT" my attempt at karkat…much work to be done.

I am peeved at myse/f because I saw who drew this, but because I have waited so /ong putting these pictures up, I cannot remember who it was! I’m sorry, and now I have to put the unfortunate /abe/ artist unknown.

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Anime STL 2012 Pictures 3

John p/aying with dave’s head with his hammer 

~oh it seems can town has a red /ight district now!

AR /ater became the mayor of can town

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Anime STL 2012 Pictures 2

more photos, taken my yours tru/y

This Dirk was possib/y the most cutest person out there! he was quiet/y wa/king around, and he seemed pretty shy, but i think we gave him a very warm we/come. everyone took photos of him yes?

god tier Kanaya!

god tiers a// around

more god tier because who doesn’t want god tier!

an amazing picture of the a/most finished can town

hee hee hee i just thought this was awesome. sitting on can town /ike that.

I wou/d /ike to thank a// of these peop/e and geekswillruntheearth on tumblr for giving us such a wonderful can town!

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Anime STL 2012 Pictures 1

So here is the beginning of the set of pictures that I took For Anime STL.

/ets start off with the group shots. YES! WE ARE A// HERE AND HOMESTUCKING IT UP!

2 equiuses and a terezi

here is fem!Eridan attempting to get her mac on with so//ux

so//ux and aradia

so//ux and feferi

so//ux and fem!Eridan

fem!so//ux and god tier so//ux

yes everyone wanted to take pictures with so//ux! they were just so coo/

okay! /ast one with god tier so//ux.

more to come

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just expanding can town. it needed expanding

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the cosntruction of can town!

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This is the beginning of what is to be known as can town for Anime STL 2012

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The drawings quick/y expanded when Fenrir and I came back with an abundance of cha/k

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